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You no longer need to have many subscriptions to different services. Movies Hub includes the most complete collection of all the hottest new products from various platforms at the best price.

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Movies Hub tries to work in accordance with the fast pace of life of its users. Tablet, Smartphone, Smart TV, PC and Laptop - Movies Hub is designed and adapted specifically for all the most popular devices in the world.
Enjoy Movies Hub without any restrictions on any device and watch movies anywhere, anytime.
Manage your videos
Movies Hub provides many features for the convenience and speed of searching the content for any user preference. You can create your playlists and sort content in any order, download videos to watch later, receive notifications about world news in the cinema industry, easily and quickly filter all content and not waste time looking for a movie for the evening.

Movies Hub makes your time more spectacular

Immerse yourself in the world of cinema with Movies Hub just for $5.4/month

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Question Answered

How to subscribe to the service?

1. Visit

2. Select your preferred plan.

3. Select the payment method and click Continue.

NOTE! When you are purchasing the Movies Hub services, you will receive a subscription to the services of our partners as a gift. The accesses to all services will be the same. Therefore, with Movies Hub you will always be in full benefit.

What payment methods is available on Movies Hub?

We are glad to inform you that Movies Hub has the various payment methods for
purchasing the service.

The Credit Cards methods include:

  • - Master Card
  • - Visa
  • - Maestro
  • - American Express
  • - Discover Card
  • - Diners Club
  • - JCB
  • - PayPal

The Crypto Currency method include:

  • - Bitcoin
  • - Litecoin
  • - Ethereum
  • - Bitcoin Cash
  • - Discover Card
  • - Dash
  • - JCB
  • - XRP

NOTE! Crypto Currency payment method doesn’t provide the recurring billing.

Can be 1 account used by several people?

Yes, you can share your account and use it on different devices, but Movies Hub set the limit for the active screens, so videos might be
viewed by up to 5 users at same time.

What is recurring billing?

Recurring billing is a payment model that allows Movies Hub to automatically invoice customers on a prearranged schedule, such as -
monthly, 3-monthly, 6-monthly, annually.

Movies Hub provide the recurring billing purchasing via Credit Card payment method.

Cancel any time in Account Settings page. Also, users always has the ability to change theirs plan.

What I’ll receive after subscribing?
  • - Watch Movies and TV Shows without ads
  • - Fast, reliable streaming servers
  • - Create your lists of content
  • - Convenient search and filters
  • - Adult video collection 18+
  • - Access to all content
  • - Access to the full functionality of the site
  • - Download content in 4K quality
  • - Great variety of subtitles
  • - Referral Program
How to download movies or TV Shows?

The video download feature is only available to premium Movies Hub users.

How to download:

  • - Select the preferred video
  • - Find and click the Download button
  • - Popup will give you the ability to select the quality and series

After selecting video will download automatically.

Became a part of the Movies Hub and enjoy the UHD content!

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